Los Angeles, the land of dreams, or some say, land of broken dreams. Here we were, my now husband, Xavier, and I en route to our new town. We left our lives behind in Chicago and were starting anew. Los Angeles? I’m a Midwestern girl who never dreamt of living in LA. However, I couldn’t help but feel this strong pull to move there. There was a reason we were moving across the country away from all our family and friends other than Xavier’s job transfer.

As we were on the last leg of our cross-country trip, an interview between Oprah and Paulo Coelho came on the radio. Coehlo wrote a book you have probably heard of called The Alchemist. It’s a beautiful story about a boy who goes on this journey is search of treasure, whilst challenging the reader about following one’s life path and purpose.

Selling millions of copies and captivating his readers, Oprah asked Coehlo, “How did you even come up with this?” Paulo discussed his life as a boy who never quite followed the norms, pushing boundaries so much that his parents had him admitted to a psych ward. He knew he had to follow his life’s purpose and didn’t allow these outside barriers (cultural and social norms) keep him from fulfilling that purpose. He said something that was very enlightening, “Everyone already knows their life purpose.” It hit me, I knew my life purpose.

So here I am, two years later continuing to fulfill that life purpose. I recently left my cushy job to pursue starting a company with Xavier and our two business partners. I might be a little crazy, a dreamer, but what I do know is I am confident in what I am supposed to do.

What I hope to accomplish by jumping on this blogging bandwagon is to share my story and experiences to help you with your life purpose. There will be two elements I will share with you; my spiritual journey and my experiences starting a business. My growth and success (however those are defined) are intricately intertwined and as I continue to post, you will start to understand how.

I do believe there is a larger universal/spiritual truth out there and that if we just looked inside ourselves a little deeper, we can better enjoy our day-to-day, live prosperously, and most importantly LIVE FREE in our life purpose.

Listen to this interview, available here:

Oprah and Coehlo Interview

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