soul business

From a young age, I was always interested in this concept of “past-lives.” My mother had brought it up to me and it just fascinated me. It was on of those “ah-ha” moments because it just made sense. I have continued to read and research, as well as tap into my own past lives.

For me, this is a reality. I am not here to convince you of past-lives or anything else supernatural. However, by sharing my knowledge and experiences, maybe it will trigger an “ah-ha” moment for you. Read with an open mind and perhaps you’ll start having similar experiences yourself.

What started as just a fascination has really become a very fundamental part of my daily life. Understanding we are eternal, we are loved, and are here on earth to learn has significantly improved the quality of my life. It has helped me deal with the challenges I have been confronted with. It has helped me be more loving, more patient, and more kind. It has also helped me overcome my fear of death. We are eternal and there is no reason to fear our passing from this present state of physical being we are in. We have passed before, will pass again, but will always be eternal.

I’ve always been a little bit more spiritual aware than others. I’ve been able to see ghosts, hear ghosts, see energies, and at times predict certain situations. I don’t like the word psychic, it just sounds…I don’t know, tacky? I would define myself more as “spiritually enhanced.” We can all get there, in fact, enlightenment and acceptance of the light and God is what we are here for. By accepting your eternal self, ridding yourself of your false sense of ego, and living by love and love only will expedite the journey to enlightenment for you.

The reason why I am sharing this is because having this eternal self-awareness can help you in EVERY aspect of your life. It can improve your own self-love and confidence, the relationships you have in your life, as well as your own health and physical well-being. Your life purpose becomes clearer and you will begin to better enjoy present moments and accept the challenges and hardships in your life with more grace, love and peace of mind.

I am here continuing this spiritual path I have chosen for my soul. This new business venture is just a part of that path to help me grow and to learn, but also to teach people. Don’t get me wrong, life is not always peachy for me and I still struggle with life responsibilities, but hopefully we can all teach each other a few things here.

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