brian weiss

A great starting point if you’re looking to learn more about past lives is to read Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. Through his research as a psychotherapist, he has brought so much attention and knowledge to our divine selves.

He has many books, but start with this one because he shares his story of how he started to become aware of our past and future existences through his client, Catherine. Through hypnotherapy, Catherine was able to recall certain events in her past that would account for the problems and challenges she was currently facing in the present lifetime. It sort of “hand-holds” the reader who may just be starting to be open to the past-life concept.

Read the first chapter here:

Many Lives, Many Masters Chapter 1

I have also read Same Soul, Many Bodies and Messages from the Masters. These books will start translating for you the significance of having past-life information and how you can start improving your own life with this type of knowledge.

I highly recommend this author, his books are easy to read, very enlightening, and can help you change your life.


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