You don’t know what your life purpose is? Great! You don’t have to and it’s unnecessary.

I believe I have many life purposes and the beautiful thing is I don’t have to focus on just one, be defined by just one, or even realize I’m practicing a life purpose given to me by the big guy upstairs. The most important life purpose to me is being the best damn fur-baby mama I can be, but that probably won’t justify an entire blog dedicated to that purpose…or maybe…

By honing in on your own ‘Life Purpose,’ you’re not defining yourself and dedicating yourself to one particular idea. What you are doing is identifying what makes you excited, empowered, and purposeful here on earth! There are many channels right in front you that will allow you to execute those values. Put yourself in the driver seat and create your own opportunities and experiences. Be present and alert! Learn, grow, and when it’s time to try something else, just do it!

Culturally we define so much of self-worth based on our jobs, but sometimes our passions don’t always translate into a job that’s going to pay next months rent. Work situations will not always be 100% perfect, but you can improve and change. I used to be so constricted to this idea of ‘what should I be when I grow up?’ that it caused me to be disconnected from the present, hate all my jobs, miss out on exciting opportunities because it didn’t align with my ego, and create anxiety and stress. Now what’s the purpose in that?

Once I let go of my false expectations of what I ‘should be’ or ‘should do,’ growth, happiness and money started to kick in. I took positions that enabled me to enhance my skill sets and introduce me to things I actually liked doing. I left the medical device world and started selling gym memberships. Who would do that?! Well guess what? I got to engage with funny people all day and not cranky healthcare personnel, drive a pro-active approach to health and wellness, and made more money than I ever did in medical device because I was enjoying what I was doing. Business came to me because my energy was alive and open to it!

A purposeful life is not centered around money, but it’s easier to make money when you are engaged, excited and an expert in what you do. Maybe what you find purposeful is finding a job that gives you lots of free time to do other things unrelated to work and that’s fine, too! Tap into YOU, enjoy your life, feel fulfilled. Stop pretending to be someone that’s not you.

Now let’s put this into practice…

Watch the above Ted Talk.

Emilie Wapnick gave a wonderful Ted Talk discussing her concept Multipotentialite. She approaches the subject of this idea of having to be one thing, but challenges it by encouraging you to explore your multiple interests, talents and skillsets.

Those she found who had happy, authentic, and fulfilling lives exhibited the following:

Multipotentialite Superpowers:

1. Idea synthesis – combing two or more fields and creating something new at the intersection

2. Rapid learning- less afraid of trying new things and honing in on a variety of new skills

3. Adaptability- ability to adapt to any situation

If you’re looking at developing yourself so you can start getting paid for what you actually want to do, practice the above principles. We are too multi-dimensional to focus on one thing in our lives.

As Emilie put it, there’s no such thing as a waste of time when you’re pursuing something you’re passionate about! Embrace your inner wiring. Follow your curiosity. The world needs you and your creativity!

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