take 5 drink

What business am I starting?

My husband, Xavier, and I were living in Chicago when we first met. Ahh, sweet home, Chicago. Great town if you’re looking to party, watch sports, and socialize until you’re blue in the face. However, it can all be so exhausting at the same time.

Xavier came up with the idea of creating a drink that allows one to relax and calm your nerves without the use of alcohol. No offense, my dearest glass (bottle) of wine…I still love you.

Voila, Take 5 was born, a relaxation shot! With our two business partners, we are out there to start making waves. It’s non-drowsy, drug-free, and gives you a sense of calm when feeling anxious and over-stimulated. You can use it at the office, for social anxieties, pre-yoga, meditation, whatever you like!

For me, there is a spiritual connection. Whatever happened to living in peace and quiet? I’m talking about the peace and quiet in your head. We are living in a world full of distractions, pressures and stress that we have totally forgotten who we are. Humanity is so disconnected from its natural and loving state of mind that it’s frightening. We depend so much on constant stimulation that we lost our creativity, our sense of peace, and our overall human and spiritual connection. I think it’s time to get that back.

Let’s start being more present in our everyday and see how that improves our lives. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of living the mental rat race and for what? I believe that Take 5 can help people with their every day anxieties and allowing them to practice a more calm and peaceful life.

Check us out here:

Take 5 Drink

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