3 steps to achieving what you really want


Let’s be honest with ourselves, Tony Robbins is the god of transformation and motivation. This is a quick 3-minute clip to help you start building your path to the life that you want.

The 3 steps to achieving what you really want:

1. Obsessed, totally focused and unleash your desire that gives it energy.

2. Changing and adapting your approach to find the correct one.

3. You need a little grace. “There’s the part you do and the part that shows up.”

Out of the 3 principles he describes, did you notice how he elaborated on the 3rd principle, grace, the most? He explains how living in a state of gratitude and connection to Grace is very fundamental platform you need to be “rich.” By practicing grace, we experience more achievement and have an increased sense of fulfillment.

How do you practice grace? How has grace affected your life in terms of achieving what you want?

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