be a lady gaga

Be a Lady Gaga? No, I’m not talking about replicating her wild and outrageous taste in clothing, her ability to create a shock factor, or even siding with her political views. Most of the time, I find the above to be a distraction from the true talent that she is.

Why would I suggest that you be more like Lady Gaga? She has always stayed true and tride to herself. Not once have I ever seen her allow criticism dictate what she does, what she believes, or how she lives her life. She’s just herself. She is now worth over $275 million and is one of the most recognizable pop artists in our time.

Born Stefani, she has tapped into the power of her own being. She doesn’t deny who she is (the good, bad or ugly) and maximizes each and every one of her characteristics and flaws. I was really inspired by the commercial she did with Tiffany. She quotes, “I am a rebel, but I wouldn’t say that me transforming at 19 into the artist that I became was purely just because of rebellion. It was more of a sense of power that I felt.”  She’s talking about the power of her own being and self-worth; confidence of who is really is and what she is capable of. She identified at a young age both her strengths and weaknesses and exerted them into the universe.  She never tried to replicate the behaviors, looks, or ideas of somebody else. She is who she is and that’s why this world is so attracted to her….granted she is naturally eccentric and it’s hard to look away.

We are all capable of holding that same sense of power. We are not all destined or driven to be a world famous pop star, but we can empower ourselves by embracing who we really are…just like Lady Gaga. Have you ever heard of the law of Dharma? Dharma is a Buddhist principle that believes that we are all given unique talents for the purpose of serving humanity. By practicing your “dharma,” it helps you to feel that sense of fulfillment, value and purpose here on earth. I find this incredibly empowering. First, what a gift is it to KNOW that you have a unique, God given talent? Second, how powerful is it to KNOW that just by ‘being’ you are purposeful, valuable, and loved? Feels pretty damn good to me! Understand that you don’t have to ‘become’ anything at all and this will help alleviate this false sense of pressure upon you to constantly prove your worth. Just being you will create a deep sense of ease and purpose in your life.

“I love to change. It makes me feel alive. I’m too strange, I’m too different, I’m too out there, I’m too artistic. Oh, it’s pretentious to talk about how creative you are. I don’t feel that way at all. I think it’s empowering and important.”  How many times do we inflict shame on ourselves and second-guess our choices based on the opinions around us? Guilty! It’s hard not too; we live in a world of too many critics and not enough do-ers if you ask me! No matter what you do, you are going to be judged. So be judged for who you are rather than applauded for who you are not. Part of being authentic is staying true to what you believe, your desires, and your needs. It’s not an excuse, however, to be neglectful and close-minded to ideas and opinions around you.  What is so powerful about Stefani’s quote above is she acknowledges those opinions around her but doesn’t allow it stand in the way of her vision. She follows her gut for what she thinks is right, dismissing what sort of judgements may come of it. She lives fearlessly and is true to her authentic self.

Stefani’s life is an inspiration and I applaud her for all her accomplishments and even more so for her staying so true to herself. I think all of our lives would improve if we lived a little more like Lady Gaga. Quite frankly, I think it sounds fun. So go live your inner Gaga and take over the world!

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