elopement anniversary

This weekend marked the one-year anniversary of my Elopement to my husband, Xavier. We have been very fortunate to experience both a courthouse wedding, as well as a traditional wedding with all of our friends and family. However, this date brings much significance to me. This day was more intimate, with only our immediate family. It was laid back, easy, and felt I was better able to enjoy the present moment.

We have been together for about 4 years now. Though it’s only 4 short years, it’s really incredible the experiences we have already had together. We met in Chicago, moved across the country to Los Angeles within a years time, started new jobs, created a company, and have traveled the world. Oh, we also adopted a baby….a fur baby named Charlie. Talk about a whirlwind of life changing events. Why do I wonder why I am always tired?!

What attracted to me to Xavier was his silliness, but more so his kindness. It was definitely an immediate attraction. He was so different than what I was used to. To me, that was a breathe of fresh air. I never really questioned the idea that we were meant to find each other.

I find that our relationship is very much based on a spiritual matter. There is a purpose we have to complete together. I believe we are here to serve humanity in a positive and loving way. It’s been incredibly empowering and fulfilling having him in my life to complete that mission. However, like any couple, we certainly have our ups and downs and plenty to work on within our relationship.

Before I had met Xavier and in my mid-twenties, I really started to tap into my own spirituality and psychic abilities. I can’t say I was totally accepting of what was in front of me, but at least acknowledging what I was seeing as real. This was when things started to become more clear to me about who I was, what I was capable of, and what I was supposed to do. It just sort of started clicking in it’s own weird, unexplainable, crazy way.

During this time, I was experiencing this repetitive nightmare that I couldn’t seem to rid myself of. I would be standing in front of these big, beautiful church doors. Behind me was a garden full of blooming flowers and sunshine. As I’m standing there in this wedding dress, there was a woman there comforting me whom was my mother. Not my mother in this life, but my mother in this dream. She’s really petite, cute, but I didn’t feel much connection to her. She was consoling me as I was about to walk down the aisle and marry someone I didn’t want to marry. She was insisting that everyone felt that way before getting married and it was ok. As the doors open, there was this sheer panic that travels my spine as I look at everyone who was in that church. At the end of the aisle, there was always a different groom in each dream and I begrudgingly walk towards him. As we are about to get married, I wake up in a panic, full of sweat and anxiety. This dream occurred for years and started probably in my late teens. I never gave those dreams much thought, but hated every time I had them.

So fast forward back to where I started tapping into my spirituality. I was coming out of a bad break-up and depression. There was lots going on and was looking to get some relief. For fun, my mother and I visited a psychic on the street in New Orleans, you could say this really started my spiritual engine. She pinpointed exactly the things I was experiencing but dismissing; past life dreams, seeing orbs, seeing things before they happen. Then she said something that really connected with me. In a past life, I was forced into a marriage I didn’t want and left behind the love of my life because of social pressures. It never left me in that life and my marriage was never positive or loving in nature. In fact, I hated my husband so much that I threw myself into work to distract myself and claimed love was not for me. I was carrying over those turmoils into my current life and was here to complete lessons from that past-life.

Her story really struck a chord with me and I didn’t forget it. There was a lot of truth in it, but how could I be certain? Then out of pure curiousity, I would visit random psychics in Chicago and would ask them one question, What life am I here to complete? Like clockwork, they would describe the exact same life in same detail and description. For me, that’s all I needed.  So I started working with one of them in releasing that negative energy I had towards marriage. Within months, Xavier walked into my life and I was excited about the prospect of marriage. These series of events really started to solidify my spiritual confidence.

The point in me sharing this with you is for a couple of things. One, those you are supposed to meet will walk into your life when the time is right. Trust the Universe, God, and yourself.  It wasn’t a coincidence that Xavier and I met when we did and we found each other to grow and to serve. It’s not always easy and we argue and bicker like everyone else, but we have certainly grown since meeting one another. Secondly, as you develop yourself spiritualy, its important to listen to the cues you feel inside you. Go with your gut and if you feel something is off, be proactive about neutralizing that emotion. I’m not saying go seek psychics, in fact, I’d encourage the opposite. However, ask yourself very deep questions and see where your thoughts take you.  What do you want in life? What purpose do you want to serve? What kind of people do you want in your life? Put that energy out in the world, be pro-active, and I promise the universe will guide you.






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