visualizing what you want

When I reflect on my life, I have always gotten what I want. When I really wanted something, like REALLY wanted something, I visualized it and it became my reality. Nothing was going to stand in my way. All those “half-want’sies” never came to life, ever.

When you set your goals on something, you can make it happen. You just have to trust yourself and the universe to get you there.

I was invited to a friends gymnastics competition when I was young. I was so inspired that I KNEW I was going to make team one day. Well, I made team and won a 3rd place medal in my first competition ever! Most empowering moment of my life! In high school, I made a goal for myself to live in France.  When I was 22, I moved to France for a year. I also wanted to move to Chicago to get sales experience and meet my husband who is both smart and funny. Well, I met my perfect match while living in Chicago and am now married to him. Oh, and got that sale experience, too.

So how do you do this?

1. Believe you are worthy of what you want

Why don’t you deserve to have what you want? Really. I mean, you’re not benefiting anyone else by not maximizing your full potential, dreams, and desires. So do it already and start living!

2. Believe that it WILL happen

When you KNOW that what you want WILL come to fruition, you start placing yourself in a situation to achieve that dream of yours. You start taking the appropriate actions to achieve the desired outcome. I.E. You want to be a singer-song writer? You make a plan, get involved in activities where you can practice and build your way to it. Talking about it won’t get you there.

3. Throw boundaries out the window

The movers and shakers of this world didn’t follow some rigid handbook called “How to Find Success Step-by-Step.” They push boundaries, reject the status-quo, follow their hearts and intuition, color outside the lines, and they just do it. That’s it. (This is where you insert you and forget the rules)

4. Ask for the universe for guidance and love

Listen. Visual. See what happens.

Sometimes it may take a little soul searching to even realize what you want, but your heart has already told you. It is so empowering knowing that there is no dream too little or goal too small. You are meant to be here, so have fun doing it and go for it!

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