the universe has your back


Wow! This is one of those speeches that leaves you with goosebumps on your arms. The theme in my life for the last couple of weeks is “listening to the universe.”

Allowing the universe to guide you instead of always trying to control everything around you. It’s so profound and so necessary. We are so busy talking that we just forget to listen. The universe always has our best interests in mind and that’s why we need to let it guide us in all of our actions and emotions.

Gabrielle Bernstein gives a compelling and emotional talk about how listening to the universe has changed her life. She lists 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrunder:

  1. Take your hands off the wheel through prayer
  2. Focus on what’s thriving
  3. Obstacles are detours in the right direction
  4. Ask for a sign
  5. When you think you have surrendered, surrender more

Now just stop, surrender, and listen.

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