insights: awakening the heart

This year I’ve really been working on LISTENING. Instead of acting on this constant need to control my surroundings, I listen. What is the universe telling me? Where should I go next? Instead of being the driver, I have been the passenger just enjoying the ride along the way. The results have been outstanding.

A friend had recommended to me a little over the year ago to attend this seminar in Santa Monica called Insights. It’s all about self-improvement and removing road blocks in our lives that prevent us from living how we want. I was open to it, but never really thought I would do it. Since leaving my job over the New Year, this seminar emerged again and I decided I would do it. Well, I skipped the one in January and promised myself I’d attend the May session.

I almost forgot about it until the weekend before and I made myself sign up. Still giving myself excuses as to why I should not attend, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to get myself to go. Three and a half days….loooong days….I’m suppose to sit there and be in some seminar with a bunch of people I don’t know? Again, I almost backed out and thank God I didn’t because I can honestly say my life has changed since attending this seminar.

What surprised me when I arrived was how many people were there. I was expecting maybe 30-40 people, being forced in some awkward social setting to have to pretend to love each other, etc. There must have been close to 200 people and they were from all over the country! Apparently this seminar makes some noise because almost everyone there was referred by someone else who attended in the past.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of everything this seminar covers, but I do want to tell you about how my life has changed since practicing what I learned from this seminar. Over the course of the seminar, there are a variety of group and partner activities and lectures that involve our participation. I can’t say there was any information that was ‘fed’ to us, but it was more of a series of questions poised to really made you look deep inside yourself.

What do you want out of life?
What is holding you back?
What is your intent?
How do you interact with your surroundings?

I will say these questions above are just a tiny, tiny imprint of the course. As the seminar continued, what I found were these very deep rooted emotions started to surface. By the last day, I couldn’t stop crying as I started to really acknowledge not only my vulnerabilities, but my abilities to really live my life the way I want. I AM loved and CAN love. I AM capable to do whatever I want. All I need to do is have an INTENT and ASK THE UNIVERSE. Of course, I need to follow-up with action and non-judgement, but the power is in my hands.

Now, you may possibly be rolling your eyes right now. If I was reading this without taking this seminar, I would be, too. I can imagine you are picturing a bunch of crazy individuals seeking in some way to fill all these empty spaces inside their hearts. Totally not the experience. I really FELT this experience and it created so much self awareness. I think just having awareness of who you are, what you are capable of, and trusting the universe are the most powerful tools you can have in your life.

So let’s get to the good stuff. The morning after this seminar, my emotions and energies were running high. I felt so incredibly powerful and inspired, but here I was Monday morning and back into reality. I felt this enormous weight put back on my shoulders as now I was placed back to the test called life. So I start thinking to myself, ok, ok….let’s put this to seminar to practice. I am aware that I am feeling this way and I am aware that I do not need to feel this way. The universe will guide me and I am just the vessel to do great things. I kicked those negative feelings to the curb, decided to be excited about my day and to just enjoy it. No pressure, no judgement, just living.

I started off with a mediation and made my intent very clear to the universe. That intent was “I want Take 5 to work (the product I am trying to get onto the market), please guide me to those around me who can help make this happen.” I ended up getting a phone call from one of my accounts that needed more Take 5. Perfect, let’s start here! I drove up to Agoura Hills, dropped off some product, and really had no plan after that. Typically, this is where I get frustrated and allow my impatience to start dictating my day. However, since those attitudes are no longer allowed in my life, I just turned my music on, googled some local Yoga studios I thought I could cold call and started on my way.

There was one particular yoga studio that showed up on my map, so I started making my way to it. In route, I got a phone call and had to stop for awhile to take care of some business. After about 30 minutes, I started my way again to find this yoga studio. I get into this neighborhood and this studio was nowhere in sight. I’m circling around, fighting off any frustration that loves to seep in during these situations, and I pull into a parking spot. I look up on and on the door is this business called “The Mindful Center” is the address 111. I think to myself, well that’s cool! Exactly what I am working on myself! However, what really spoke to me was the address. I recently learned that the spiritual meaning behind the number 1111 means “you’re on the right track.” Holy cow…is this the universe talking to me?! I always follow this number and remind myself that I am where I need to be.

I decided to walk into this place and the front entry was dark and empty. I heard someone on the phone in a different office, but I didn’t want to interrupt. So I started writing a note and was going to leave some samples of Take 5 on the desk up front. Then this lady came out, asked how she could help me and I said I didn’t know. I told her that I didn’t really know why I was there (crazy would be the word I describe this haha!), but I felt compelled to come in, I follow the number 1111, and just wanted to give her my samples. I said she could do whatever she wanted with those, my card was in the bag, and if anyone wanted to get a hold me they could. So I left it at that and I left.

That evening after I got home, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Anthony. He said to me, “You dropped some samples off to this center where you interrupted my friends therapy session. My friend knew I would love Take 5 so she gave them to me. I’m a holistic nutritionist and I think everyone needs this in their life.”

Is this happening?! Guess what, Anthony and I are now partnering up and helping each other’s businesses like crazy! So this is my BIG thank you to the universe. Thank you for guiding me, thank you for loving me and supporting me, and thank you for providing me everything that I need.

Moral of the story, stop controlling and start listening. The universe always has your best interests in mind, but its our own false perceptions and self-destructive behavior that prevents us from living how we want to live.

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