quick step-by-step to creating intent

Before I discuss how to create intent, you need to understand why you need to create it in the first place.

Do you ever feel like you never really get what you want out of life? You’re always short of your goals? Feel slightly anxious like you’re not on the right path? Creating intent can help you.

I’m going to make this really simple. 1. The universe ALWAYS has your best interests in mind 2. You just need to tell it what it is you want 3. Listen and let the universe guide you.

That’s it.

Try this quick step-by-step 30 second meditation to start aligning yourself with the universe and getting what you want.

1. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out.

2. Picture a light coming in from above and allow the light to come into your body.

3. Say (in your mind or out loud), “I call the light to bring forth information and action for the higher good.”

4. “My intent is ____________________.”

Say this with real conviction otherwise it’s worthless! This intent of yours has be something you are committed to (i.e. My intent is open up new career opportunities to increase my salary by $10k; My intent is to allow myself to become more vulnerable so I can attract the right partner for me.”). 

Your intent also must be specific. You can say, “My intent is to make more money,” and the universe may provide and get you $10 more dollars, but I don’t think that is your intended goal.

5. Visual your intent in action, or just keep a calm and open mind. 

6. Open your eyes, start paying attention to your surroundings, and take action!

I swear by this. Start practicing this every morning, It’s really simple, but the results can be really outstanding if you allow it happen.


2 thoughts on “quick step-by-step to creating intent

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  1. I agree! I think the only time we can take control of our lives is through intent. A lot of what I am working on is how through intent of our body we are able to change our lives, and I have found that for me it definitely works. I can change myself just by intending to change my body and it has worked wonders for me.


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