channeling erik, an addicting YouTube channel

I recently found this YouTube channel and I can’t get enough of it!

The whole premise of the channel is this woman Elisa, a doctor and atheist, lost her son, Erik, to suicide. After his death, she started receiving messages from Erik and she could no longer deny an afterlife existence.

Out of grief and excitment, she created this YouTube channel to share her sons account of the afterlife and answer questions us humans have about pretty much everything. She channels Erik through gifted and credible mediums.

They cover so many topics and provide so much insight. Even if you may be a bit skeptical about the whole thing, the messages are profound and motivating. Tune in and see for yourself….lots of great info here if you are looking to expand your spiritual base of knowledge.

YouTube channel available here:

Channeling Erik YouTube

Channeling Erik Website


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