learn how to place light like a boss

First, what is light? Light is source. Light is our being, our true loving nature in which we were born. These bodies, these lives….it’s all just a moment in a physical world.  That weird separation, anxiety, unease feeling is natural. Why? Because this world is unnatural to our being!! So stop feeling bad about it and start placing light (source) around you and in the world.

We live in a physical world that is full of energy and psychic energy! Not all energy around you is going to serve you for the higher good; meaning that its going to create unnecessary “negativity” in some shape or form.  When you experience those moments where you feel “something is off” or “my gut is telling me no,” those are all energetic influences that you are picking up on in your energetic field.  It’s important that you do not reject those feelings. Expecially in today’s world, we want to explain everything through science and fact. We have rejected our true selves, our soul and spirit that guides us in this life. Pay attention to it, love it, and you’ll find you’ll start experience a more joyful and less-resistant life experience. How so? Because you will be able to protect yourself from those non-serving energies and not allow them to affect your energy and mood.

By placing light around you, you are providing a shield around you that is going to benefit you in a variety of ways:

  1. Protection from energies that don’t serve you
  2. To expand your own vibrational energy
  3. To spread unconditional love and healing energy into the universe
  4. To create harmony and joy in your life
  5. Enhancing your intutitive abilities

When I call the light, in my head I say “I call the light to bring forth ___ for the higher good.” You can “bring forth” anything you like; action, information, healing, love, protection. Then I visual the light coming in from above in front of my eyes, pull the light in, and visualize it coming into my body head to toe, and then create a “bubble” of light around me like a shield of protection, so nothing but “good energy” may come in. There’s no real formality to how you place it. How I call the light may vary, so do what feels right for you.

You can place light around at anytime of the day. Some will place it around themselves before starting their day. You can place it at any time you feel necessary. I pick up on certain energies and will just know I need to call the light and place it on whatever situation deems necessary. I also have a friend who places light every time he gets in his car. He said his passengers have made comments in the past about how safe they feel every time they get in the car with him. I always pull the light when I mediate, too. It brings a higher vibration; making it easier to feel calm, to pull information, or for creating intention.

I mentioned above about bringing in “good energy” and I’d like to expand on that briefly. What we perceive to be good vs. bad is just that, a perception. I will get into that in another post because all energy in it’s form is neutral, but it’s beside the point. Look at pulling in the light as more of a form of protection from energies that are “non-serving,” not “bad.”

I found this YouTube video below if you would like a little bit more of a guided introduction to calling in the light.

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