I would like to share with you two very important journeys in my life. The first is my spiritual journey. The second is my journey of starting a new business.

I have ten years of business sales experiences and an entire life of ‘spiritual experiences.’ I’d argue we are spirits having a human experience, but for sake of argument, I’ll leave it at that.

What I have found is my success maneuvering through the business world is intricately intertwined with my spirituality. As I develop spiritually, I find more peace, harmony and prosperity in my life, which directly translates to my success as a business professional.

I’m not here to define what success should mean to you, convince you of the supernatural, or dictate some rigid ideologies upon you. However, I am hoping by sharing my life journey with you that you can possibly learn something, open yourself to new ideas, and find some sort of peace and prosperity in your life by reading what I have to share.

I do believe there is a larger universal truth out there that most of us are blind to. We are here for a reason and my spiritual path has given me that confidence and peace of mind to be able to live my life to the fullest every single day.




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